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Pick&Place™ Holder Kit*

The Pick&Place™ holder kit facilitates ex situ lift out using either the patented EXpressLO™ grids and method or thin film coated 3 mm grids for S/TEM or other site specific materials characterization. The special holder kit accepts up to a 25 mm diameter sample stub for the specimen Pick, and either the grid stub holder or the Pick&Place™ dual pin grid holder for the Place. The screw drive adjusts the grid Place height relative to the specimen Pick height for optimized tip positioning and manipulation during the EXpressLO™ lift out process. The Pick&Place™ dual pin grid holder features 2 pins at 90 degrees with respect to each other; the first pin for positioning the EXpressLO™ grid plane horizontal for the Place and the second pin for positioning the EXpressLO™ grid upright for further FIB processing without additional grid handling.  The dual pin grid holder can be attached to pre-tilted holders or other mounting stubs in the FIB.  This grid holder is also particularly useful for transmission Kikuchi diffraction (TKD) in the SEM.  The grid stub holder provides a recessed region to hold thin film coated 3 mm grids for conventional ex situ lift out.  The stop edge provided by the recessed grid position prevents the grid from sliding, allowing for easy removal of the probe during the rare occasion when the probe gets stuck in the thin film coating. 

*U.S. Patents 8,704,209 & 8,789,826