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Expert ex situ Lift Out and Micromanipulation Solutions​ 
fast, easy, flexible & cost effective


EXpressLO Lift Out and Manipulation in < 30 seconds!​​

EXpressLO Nicola G2 (F,L,M) or edu.101 Instrument Solutions

  • The edu.101 is an entry level turn-key solution priced for academic institutions.
  • The Nicola G2 with optional motorized focus (F), optional motorized lens changer (L), and optional motorized manipulator(s) (M) comes with a joystick driven motorized stage (640, 800, or 1200), new integrated user interface, and all consumables needed to get you started.
    • 1 or 2 hydraulic micromanipulator sets (for right and left-handed usage) complete with glass rods and puller.
    • optional motorized/computer controlled focus (F)
    • optional motorized lens changer (L)
    • optional motorized manipulator(s) (M)
    • vibration isolation table
    • 100 patented EXpressLO™ grids.
    • 1 Pick&Place™ Holder Kit and Tip Holder
    • 25 Praxis™ samples


  • we can upgrade your older lift out system to make it state of the art and certify it EXpressLO™ compliant for access to our patented grids and method.  Please contact us for details.

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