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Expert ex situ Lift Out and Micromanipulation Solutions​ 
fast, easy, flexible & cost effective


​The patented EXpressLO 3 mm tapered slotted half grids* directly supports either a thick or electron transparent specimen manipulated via ex situ lift out. 

NEW PGrids: Available in either Cu or Ni with 3 different tapered slot openings with top opening (1) P slot at ~ 120 +/- 4 microns, (6) lettered slots at ~ 14 +/- 4 microns and (6) numbered slots at ~ 6 +/- 4 microns wide. The P slot is ~ 150 micron long from the outer grid surface and the lettered/numbered slots are ~ 100 microns long.

Please Note: The grid manufacturing process produces results which may vary.  While we try our best to offer consistent sized slot openings, some variability is inevitable and grids are therefore provided "as-is."

*U.S. Patents 8,740,209 & 8,789,826