What is EXpressLO™?

  • EXpressLO™ is a patented new grid design* and method that allows thin or thick ex situ lift out specimens to be manipulated to a new grid design which does not require a carbon film such that the specimen may be further FIB milled, broad beam ion milled or plasma cleaned.

Why use ex situ lift out and EXpressLO™ manipulation techniques?

  • the fastest lift out procedure available
  • easy to learn, master, and teach
  • reproducible
  • no carbon film on patented grid allows for further processing of specimen after manipulation
  • EXpressLO-Z grids for reducing fluorescence and overlaps.
  • saves money (does not require expensive FIB time for lift out)
  • great for multi-user facilities
  • routine manipulation for backside thinning
  • supports multiple FIB instruments
  • the "technically correct" method for manipulation to special carriers used with in situ TEM specimen holders - fast with no FIB implantation damage!!!
  • site specific manipulation of particles, fibers, particulates, thin films, and CNTs
  • available for cryo EXLO

* U.S. Patents 8,740,209 & 8,789,826 & 10,522,324 & 10,801,926

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